Quality establishment founded in 1998, based in Lille — France

Stéphane Meurice, Sébastien Delobel, Xavier Meurice, Baptiste Servais and Maxence Cheval are l’Atelier Télescopique. Founded in 1998, this group of designers cultivates a multidimensional vision and approach to graphic design ; their creations range from typography to the design of objects or spaces to the development of multimedia projects to architectural marking. Their signature can be found on creations for public institutions, large companies, the cultural scene and architectural firms. Of course, l’Atelier Télescopique also works on their own unique research and development projects.

Atelier Télescopique
© Jean-Marc Gourdon — 2020

Visual identity

Research of brand names, creation of brand logos, writing of graphic charters.


Design of orientation systems, space scenographies, fixed and dynamic supports.

Editorial design

Graphic design and layout of books and brochures.

Graphic design

Illustration of communication supports.

Type design

Creation and development of typeface families — www.ainsifont.com

Web design

Development and integration of websites.
Défense de s'afficher en public - éditions invenit
Support Independent type - Slanted
Typologie - Recto-Verso
Yearbook of type 2, 3, 4 , 5 - Slanted
Tank - Archibook
Typodarium - 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
Graphic Design Inspiration - daab
Mise en page(s) etc. - Pyramyd
Made and Sold - Fl@33, Laurence King
Los Logos Compas - Gestalten
Typomofo - Page One
Logo Design 2 - Taschen
Postcards - Fl@33, Laurence King
Around Europe Promotion - Index Book
Kelvin - Gestalten
Eating & Designing - Index Book
Type addicted - Victio:nary
Los logos 4 - Gestalten
Neo Geo - Gestalten
Logo Design 1 - Taschen
Tres logos - Gestalten
Influences - Gestalten
Around Europe Publisher - Index Book
Introducing - Gestalten
A book designed to help - Gestalten
Type One - Gestalten


Magazines spécialisés
Etapes : N°66, 74, 88, 100, 124, 137, 262
Bloc note : N°100
Creation Numerique : N°75
Page : 2002 - 2005 - 2009
How 02.2004
Kak : 21
Computer Arts : N°136, 144
Advanced Creation : N°14
Creative Review : Type Anual 2011
IdN (hk) : v21n6
AMC : HS 12-2006, N°201 et 202
Architectures informations : N°16
IdN World
A+T : Printemps 2006
Domus : N°948
Milk décoration : N°5
Milk : N°57


Pictomato X NFT. Louvre Lens Vallée. 2022
Now French Time. Galerie IHAM. Paris 2022
Pictomato X NFT. Acid Gallery. Lille 2021
Défense de s'afficher en public. 2020
World Design Street Festival. 2019
Biennale Intérieur. Courtrai (Be) 2016
Biennale Intérieur. Courtrai (Be) 2014
Graphic design festival. Breda (Nl) 2008
Bombayser de Lille. Lille 3000. MAV. 2006
Graphic design festival. Breda (Nl) 2006
L'humour et l'art. Lille 2004
One Night Only. Berlin (De) 2004


Merci à nos clients et commanditaires
avec qui nous collaborons.
Merci aux collaborateurs occasionnels
et aux stagiaires qui sont passés
par l’Atelier depuis 1998.


Plusieurs membres
de l’Atelier enseignent le design,
le graphisme et la typographie
en cycle supérieur dans des écoles
de communication visuelle.