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— Alphabet

— Alphabet
2010  Af Rubal Stencil


Sébastien Delobel

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Af Rubal Pro
Designed by Atelier télescopique -specifically
for College Lévi-Strauss- a freshly built secondary
school in Lille, France.

Rubal Stencil is a single weight stencil face,
inspired by the school building itself,
which has more curves than sharps corners.
Commissioned by the school's architects,
Tank Architects, the typeface was designed
to be highly legible when used to set large bodies
of text, and also for use in the building's signage.

The idea being that it could be applied to walls,
the ground and glazed surfaces. As well as upper
and lower case letterforms, and numerals,
various OpenType ligatures are also available.
Type of the year 2011.
Creative Review. Uk
Jeu de caractères.
Jeu de caractères.
Textes écrits par les élèves du collège Lévi-Strauss.
Textes écrits par les élèves du collège Lévi-Strauss.